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To increase security for its users, Autodesk has transitioned to an enhanced 2-step authentication process for your Autodesk account. This is primarily for those users who are not using Autodesk’s SSO integration. This transition began in August of 2023 and if you have not made the transition, you have until February 1st, 2024, to switch from the previous SMS based two-step authentication to the Authenticator based process before the existing SMS based two-step authentication is retired.

For details see the following AKN article from Autodesk:


In an ever-changing landscape of threats to the security of our digital data, Autodesk continues to provide evolving security solutions for access to their products and services.

For details regarding Autodesk’s security efforts see the following site:


If you want to go ahead and make the change prior to the deadline or if you are reading this after the deadline has passed, you can follow these steps to configure your Autodesk account to use Two-Step Verification with an authenticator app of your choice.

First, sign into your Autodesk account and go to “Password and Security” under your “Profile and Settings.”

From there go to your 2-Step Verification and click the “Set Up” button. The image below shows what you will see once you have enabled 2-Step Verification.

You will be asked to re-enter your email and password to confirm you identity and then you will be given a QR code to scan with your Authenticator App. You will then be asked to enter the code provided by your Authenticator App.

After you have enabled 2-Step Verification, you should receive a message from Autodesk via email that is like the one shown below.


Hi “Your Name”

You have recently changed the 2 Step Verification settings for your account. The method of obtaining a security code is to use an authentication app.

At any point of time, you may view or change this setup from your security settings page.


This mandatory email notification was sent to “email address for important changes to your Autodesk account.

The next time you sign into your Autodesk account, in addition to your email/username and your password, you will be prompted for the code provided by your Authenticator App.

If you need to change the Authenticator App you use or if you would prefer to disable 2-Step Verification, you can access your security settings and choose to Edit your 2-Step Verification settings.

For additional info please see the Security and Privacy Setting section of Account Management:

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