Setting up a new Project in Autodesk Forma

How to create a new project in Autodesk Forma

A seat of Autodesk Forma is included with the AEC Collection subscription to be used to create a conceptual site development layout.
To create a project login to your Forma site. When accessing Autodesk Forma, you may receive a message recommending the use of Google Chrome web browser.
Select your HUB. (the site Administrator needs to grant user access to the site)
Once in the hub, a list of available projects will be displayed to continue working on and the option create new project.
To create a project, select New Project in the upper left corner.
Next, we need to select the location of the project.
To select the location type in the address, city, area name, or the coordinates of the site. For an example Ross, Ohio
To set the project name, navigate to the top middle of the screen. By panning around we can maneuver/fine tune the site location within the highlighted area. Select the Confirm map area button. Based on the area selected, Autodesk will order the USGS map of the defined location. The button is towards the upper right corner to confirm selection.

After selecting the Confirm map area button the screen will display the site generated from the USGS map.
To add additional boundary line, terrain, building, etc. select the library button on the left side to order these and other additional data. Select the order data button for the additional site information.
The site used for this blog does not have additional information such as building so the example below is from another project.

Additional blogs will be created to showcase other features in Autodesk Forma

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