Autodesk Clean Uninstall/ Reinstall Directions

Issue’s with:

  • Crashing Autodesk programs
  • Errors regarding missing .dll files
  • Unexpected behavior after Windows updates
  • Unexpected behavior after Autodesk updates
  • Corrupt Revit Cloud Worksharing Add-in 2021 and higher
  • When a repair / reinstall doesn’t resolve the issue
  • Missing folders and files from standard install


  • Corruption
  • Partial or bad Installation
  • Antivirus blocking installation


  1. Export/ or back up any customizations in AutoCAD based products which includes:
    1. User Interfaces or CUIx.
    2. Custom profiles or ARG
    3. Templates – DWT’s
    4. Revit.ini file


  1. Close out of all Autodesk products.


  1. Disable Antivirus (For best results)


  1. Open Windows Start Menu and search for “Uninstall Tool.”


  1. Using the Autodesk Uninstall tool, select all the parts and pieces for the version you are uninstalling.

*** Note: IF you are using 2022 or newer products the Uninstall Tool will not work. Everything needs to be removed using Control Panel. ***

Example: Revit 2020

  1. The executable for the Uninstall tool can be found here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Uninstall Tool\R1


  1. Once all the items are uninstalled go to the following folders and delete the residual folders for the products that were uninstalled:
    1. C:\Autodesk
    2. C:\Program Files\Autodesk
    3. C:\ProgramData\Autodesk
    4. C:\Users\*YourUserid*\AppData\Local\Autodesk
    5. C:\Users\*YourUserid*\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk

*** Note: if the product is missing from any folder its ok, continue to next location. ***


  1. Go to file explorer and type in “%temp%” and click enter. This will navigate to the temp folder. Select anything and hit “Control” + “A” to select all then hit “delete” key.

When prompted about what to do for items that can’t be deleted, check the box for all items and select “skip.”


  1. Reboot machine.


  1. Go to to sign into your Autodesk account. BEFORE downloading, please go to the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen called “Default Preferences.”


Change your default preference to “download now” or “browser download.” We DO NOT recommend using the “install now” method. It is a partial download, and it will corrupt it’s just a matter of when.


*** Note: If there is no product in your account you may be using a network license. To download go to and follow prompts. ***


  1. Find the product in your account to re-download. Example Revit 2020:

*** Note: The new default preference will show up as the option to download. ***

Select the version and select “Download Now.”


  1. The Download Manager may need to be installed. This tool has error checking built in and provides a more reliable download. Click Install. 

Path the download media to the following location:



  1. Follow the prompts and finish the download. BEFORE launching, go to the Autodesk desktop app and install ALL applicable updates for that product one at a time starting at the bottom and working your way up.


  1. Reboot the machine once more.



Using the Autodesk uninstall tool to remove 2021 and older product is a quicker method that removes the items in the order it wants to be uninstalled while removing all parts associated. Multiple items can be uninstalled at once while the uninstall tool removes relevant details from the registry. Performing a “clean” uninstall will help ensure further corruption upon reinstall.


*** Final Tip: If product was not removed fully with the uninstall tool and an Icon still appears on the desktop, there is further corruption that anticipated. Use the Microsoft fix it tool to completely remove any residual parts of the program that was removed. ***


Microsoft Fix-it Tool Blog


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