How to disable updates in Autodesk Access


You do not want users attempting to install Autodesk updates because:

  • Users do not have install permissions
  • You want to control the distribution of updates by another method such as SCCM or Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

NOTE - *This registry setting does not disable the Autodesk Desktop App updates*


  1. From the Search bar in Windows, type in regedit
  2. Click Run as administrator
  3. Browse to the HKEY_CURRENT_USERS/Software/Autodesk/ODIS folder
  4. Right-click on the folder ODIS and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value
  5. Enter DisableManualUpdateInstall for the name
  6. Right-click on DisableManualUpdateInstall and choose "Modify..."
  7. A value of 1 gives users a view of Access without available updates.
  • Access won't start automatically during device startup and the Access icon won't appear in the system tray.
  • Users may still launch Access from the Start menu.
  • When users close Access, the application quits and the icon is removed from the system tray.

8. A value of 2 gives users the normal view of available updates but removes the Update button so they can't initiate updates.

9. Click the OK button and close the Registry Editor

10. A reboot may be necessary for the update to take place.

The results of the regedit in Autodesk Access:

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