CAMDuct Lok Issue

Are you getting an error that says “Unable to lock the file” when opening an existing .MAJ or .ESJ? The file is already locked by User “User name”

There is an existing lock (.MLK) file that is preventing a user from editing the job. 

1.    Click cancel to the message
2.    Once the job is opened in read-only mode> click on File> click on Browse for Jobs
3.    Then click “Recent Jobs” in the Browse for Jobs dialog box

4.    Right click the job marked with a red key and select “Break Lock”. 
5.    Click “Yes” when prompted to break the lock. 
6.    Then try to open the file. It should open with no issues.

Note: If there is no “Break Lock” option available, please check the database user configuration privileges. 

Here is a helpful blog regarding User configurations:

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