(Re)animation: Navisworks Sequences

October 5, 2022 Bryant Quinney

One intended usage when grouping animation sequences may be to have fewer action entries to select when scripting. This feature is useful when timing content in the Scripter. However, there is, at times, an issue using that folder (group) that you might have created. When navigating the model, the scripted animations may not give you anything near the result you want. For instance, opening double doors and walking through them may cause a “glitch” when approaching and not open, causing you to collide with the doors and be repositioned outside the sphere of influence.

The workaround for this issue is to do what you might not have wanted to do in the first place: create an individual action entry for each animation sequence instead of using one for the parent folder.



To illustrate, having one action to play an animation of a grouped entry may be problematic, as seen in the image above. Should any unnecessary/”glitchy” behaviors occur, you may find that having separate actions for each of the two doors will yield the needed result, as shown in the images below.



There you go! Easy fix, though I don’t enjoy the double work. At least there is a workaround to this. If I could insert a video vignette into the blog, this would have been a little more illustrative of the problem.

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