Civil 3D: Alignment Labels that Flip Out, Part Deux

November 15, 2022 Leo Lavayen

Building on the idea from a previous post (Civil 3D Alignment Labels that Flip Out, in a Good Way), the goal is a singular Alignment label with 2 components that automatically flips outwards.

The example label below has 2 text components:  Station over Offset and Alignment Name (single letter "Y" in example) with border.  To have the name appear on the outside the components must be configured to reference the left side (red) and right side (blue) shown below:

First, an expression was built to help identify left vs right sides.  Depending on the desired text orientation (horizontal or vertical), the values will vary.  Below the expression created is named “Flip” with the Expression set to “DEG2RAD(IF(Offset<0,90,-90))”
Then, create a label style set like below:
•    Layout tab > Station Offset component > Text area > Rotation Angle > use “Flip
•    General tab >
o    Plan Readable: True
o    Flip Anchors with Text: False

When the label is configured correctly, the result will be the automatic flipping of the Alignment name when located to left or right of the Alignment (shown as green below).
I hope you found this use of expressions useful.  If you would like to download the example drawing file, visit:

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