Civil 3D: Solving for Intersecting Slopes

November 15, 2022 Leo Lavayen

This write up tackles a simple design solution: to build up the existing slope by projecting from the existing top and bottom edges.  Below, we explore the use of Corridors and Grading to solve a design need.  

  1. From the Existing TOP Slope grade down at Negative -2% grade.
  2. From the Existing TOE Slope grade up at a Positive 1:1 slope.
  3. Stop where the 2 projections meet each other.

The design can be accomplished by paring up two subassemblies:

When assembled and applied correctly within a corridor, the expected design fills in correctly:

OPTION 2: Grading Objects
Grading solutions will recognize each other can clean up.  For this example, it doesn’t matter the order of operations.  
Isolating the First Grading solution; is a Grade to a Distance (-2%) that would be wide enough to cover the needed distance.
Continuing with an isolated view, next is a Grading solution that is tall enough Slope (1:1) to exceed the TOP of the embankment.
When grading solutions are paired and grading objects run into each other, the solution is a clean slope.

Either method could work (corridors or grading), it just depends on what tools you favor.


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Leo Lavayen

Civil Applications Expert<br><br>As an Applications Expert, Leo is responsible for supporting, training and implementation of software for survey and civil engineering professionals. He has more than 19 years of experience helping large and small, public and private clients in the eastern United States.

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