New Corridor Targeting Features in Civil 3D 2023

April 12, 2022 James Branagan

Along with a host of other changes in Autodesk’s Civil 3D 2023 corridor targeting has had a few refinements.

The first one we will look at is the ability to set all surface targets at the same time. In Civil 3D 2022, to set a surface target, select the target surface for the desired subassembly and then select the surface youwish to target with the radio button in the Set Targets area of the dialog box. Repeat the operation for each target surface.

In the 2023 version of Civil 3D there are a couple of changes. First is the ability to set all surface targets. This is done with a dropdown toward the top of the dialog box. The second is that individual surface targets are chosen by dropdown menu; replacing the radio button selection in Civil 3D 2022.


The second improvement is that when using the option to target objects on a layer, new objects added to that layer will automatically be added and targeted by the corridor.

For example. I have created a layer called _Targets and drawn some polylines on it.


Selecting the layer in the target mapping dialog box shows that there are 4 available polylines to target. It also gives me the option to target the nearest or farthest offset as well as whether to use the offsets on the same side of the subassembly or not.