AutoCAD 2023 Traces Tool

April 20, 2022 James Branagan

One of the new features in Autodesk’s latest release of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2023 is a tool called Traces. Traces is an online markup and collaboration tool that is available in the AutoCAD web and mobile apps.

To create a new trace open your drawing in either the desktop,  web or mobile app. On the mobile app open a drawing you have saved to web and mobile and select the second icon down on the right hand side menu to open the trace dialog box. You have two options, New Trace and Import Markup.

Selecting New Trace will allow you to create a new markup. You can name the trace and it will display your photo if you have one associated with your Autodesk account, your name and the time the trace was created. At the bottom of the screen you have options of tools to use within Trace.

The trace acts like a clear piece of tracing paper that has been placed over your drawing. You can make notes and suggest edits or changes without affecting the original drawing.

You can view different traces by selecting the trace you want to view from the menu.

In the desktop version of AutoCAD 2023 you can open the Traces Pallet by navigating to the Collaborate tab and selecting Traces Pallet from the Traces panel. If the drawing has traces saved in it you’ll be able to view and edit the traces. You can also create new traces by selecting Create Trace. All of your AutoCAD drawing, annotating and editing tools can be used on the traces. To close the trace, click on the green checkmark in the drawing window.

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