Civil 3D: Masked Iron Pins in Line Labels

November 9, 2021 Leo Lavayen

The goal is to hide elements to go behind a block, without trimming linework causing discrepancies in lengths.

The solution is simple, to use AutoCAD wipeouts.  The catch is, although a polyline can be used, the command does not support the use of curves/circles.  The workaround is to create multi segmented polygons around the circle, with just enough vertices to simulate a curve. The size of the masking can be controlled, in this example, 20 vertices were used inscribed to the inner circle on the IRON PIN block.

Once the block is created (edited), it can be used in AutoCAD or within Civil 3D.  For use in a Civil 3D label the ‘Block’ component will be used.  Here two (2) separate components will be need, one for Start and the other for the End of the line.


When the Civil 3D Label is created using the masked blocks, it will hide the desired area without affecting the total length.  Below the wipeout was added to the inner circle.

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