Civil 3D: Oops Deleted FG Profile

November 2, 2021 Leo Lavayen

Had a support case where a user had unknowingly erased their Design Profile (FG) from their drawing.  Fortunately, they had an earlier version that we were able to salvage data from. 

The steps for recovery are simple:

  1. Open the working earlier version (old.dwg)
  2. From the ribbon > Output tab > Export panel > Export to LandXML command
  3. From the window browse to and export the FG profile:
  4. Save the file to a location you can get to, preferably in the project directory:
  5. Open the version that is missing the design (new.dwg)
  6. From the ribbon Insert tab > Import panel > LandXML command > from the window browse to where the previous file was saved:
  7. Once the file is read, review and make sure that the needed boxes are checked:
  8. And boom! The missing “FG” profile is BACK!


The Alignment geometry was NOT duplicated, it was recognized from the Base to the Destination drawing and simply added the profile to the list and screen.  Object Styles will have to be set, Labels created.  Also, wherever that profile was being used such as corridors, pipes, etc… will need to be verified.

As a suggestion, this whole process would be easier if appropriate Data Shortcut workflows were in place. 

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Leo Lavayen

Civil Applications Expert<br><br>As an Applications Expert, Leo is responsible for supporting, training and implementation of software for survey and civil engineering professionals. He has more than 17 years of experience helping large and small, public and private clients in the eastern United States.

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