Civil 3D: Lost Corridor Targets

March 28, 2023 Leo Lavayen

It is possible that a corridor can lose connection to the linework in used as targets after edits. 

Using the updated Target Mapping dialog box, the “Right Lane” will be stretched from the default width to a polyline.

By selecting the proposed edge of pavement (bold red polyline) the pavement section will be extended once the corridor is rebuilt.

In the example below the edge of pavement (bold red polyline) length is reduced using the AutoCAD stretch command. 

If the edits made to the linework do not change the object's AutoCAD Handle value, targets will remain connected.  Using the LIST command, the object's background ID value is shown as 74ab before and after the edit.

When corridor model in the is rebuilt, changes will be reflected as expected.


Detachment can be seen if the in the targeted linework is edited in a way that the AutoCAD Handle value also changes.  As shown below, again the LIST command is used, the Handle value changed from 74ab to 751f
The corridor will appear as out of date, after rebuilding it will revert to its original width having lost the reference to the target polyline.


The polyline will have to be re-selected as a target for the “Right Lane” subassembly. 

This raises a caution as AutoCAD edits can cause resets to the underling unique identifiers, causing resets to previously working Civil 3D corridor models.

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