Civil 3D: Corridor Matching Settings, Parameters and Targets

November 15, 2022 Leo Lavayen

The Corridors Target window was overhauled in the 2022 release of Civil 3D, as shown in Brian Johnson’s post and video.  Building on his posts, I wanted to share how to leverage those updates in a manually created intersection example.

Once Targets have been set in one area, they can be Copied by right click on the row:

And then Pasted to via the same right click menu:

Another option is to work "modeless" from the drawing space, unconfined by a dialog box.  Using the Corridor Contextual tab > Match Parameters command:

From the command line you can explore what will be matched [Select region parameters].  From the Match Region Parameters users can select what will be transferred:

An easy to use onscreen, mode less matching of properties.