A new version of AutoCAD Web is now available (launched on August 8, 2022) for those who want to access basic features and functions of AutoCAD without the full desktop application. Having AutoCAD files online also makes it easier to access drawings and information on the go through a web browser or the AutoCAD Mobile app.

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Existing Autodesk customers who own a subscription license already have access to AutoCAD Web. If you are not a current Autodesk Subscriber, AutoCAD Web is available for individual purchase on a monthly or annual basis (purchase AutoCAD Web).

Accessing Files with AutoCAD Web

If you are working locally from the AutoCAD desktop application and need to access the file online, use the SAVETOWEBMOBILE command, available in the Quick Access Toolbar (upper left). If you have not used this feature before (or if it has been a while) you may be prompted for an update.

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Once you have access to AutoCAD Web, files that have been posted via the SAVETOWEBMOBILE option will appear. Options to add more storage providers are also available and include sources like Autodesk DOCs, Autodesk Drive, BOX, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive (accounts are required for access).

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Available Features

AutoCAD Web provides a simplified version of AutoCAD with 2D drafting capabilities. Drawing Properties, Layers, Blocks, XREFs, Traces, LISPs as well as draw, annotate and modify tools are all available in AutoCAD Web. Printing and access to Model Space and Layout Tabs are also available in the web interface.