Civil 3D: Clean Pipe to Pipe Connections

March 1, 2024 Leo Lavayen

Gravity Pipe to Pipe connection should clean up, but it may end up looking like 2 pipes running into each other.

First, the Pipe Style(s) must have the Clean up pipe to pipe connections enabled from the Plan tab.

Next, there must be a NULL type structure in between the 2 pipes.

Then, create a "null" style and set to a NO PLOT layer or simply turn the components off.  The blending from pipe to pipe should be automatic.

Just a couple of simple things that can help make  drawing look better.  If configuration is something that you are struggling with, IMAGINiT can help.

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Leo Lavayen

Civil Applications Expert<br><br>As an Applications Expert, Leo is responsible for supporting, training and implementation of software for survey and civil engineering professionals. He has more than 17 years of experience helping large and small, public and private clients in the eastern United States.

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