Civil 3D: Alignment Proximity Band

March 29, 2024 Leo Lavayen

New to the 2023.2 release of Civil 3D is the is the Alignment Proximity Band.  

Configuration is found in the TOOLSPACE > Settings tab > Profile View collection > Band Styles > Alignment Proximity

To control the parameters set in the style, the band needs to first be added to a Profile View.  Make sure the needed columns are enabled:  From the Profile View Properties dialog box > Bands tab > add the Point Proximity band > right click on the column headers > select “Sample Interval”, “Alert Distance” and “Max Distance”.   From there the column values can be edited.

Look at the Sample Interval:  shown below at 25’ on one band and 100’ on the other.  Values do not need to match the Profile View Grid interval.

Another feature to note is the: Alert Distance (25’) shown in RED and Max Distance Values (60’) shown in GREEN

Also note how anything outside of the Max Distance value is ignored and no annotations are created in the band.

The Alignment Proximity Band is interesting new feature allowing for analysis of horizontal alignment data on a vertical profile view gird.  There is another band that was added in the 2023.2 release: Point Proximity Band, you can learn about it here:

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