Overview of Autodesk Assistant in Civil 3D

March 13, 2024 Brian Johnson

Autodesk Civil 3D has traditionally offered assistance through a range of resources, accessible both within the software and externally. These resources encompass product documentation, user forums, blogs, videos, and more. However, due to the abundance of available resources, searching for specific information often results in a deluge of data, requiring significant time to sift through. Recognizing this challenge, Autodesk has introduced a new tool for information retrieval: the Autodesk Assistant.

The Autodesk Assistant harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer customized support to users based on their specific requirements. Described by Autodesk as a guided self-service assistant, it serves as a platform where users can pose questions related to the software or any challenges they encounter. Autodesk Assistant is launched from a button found on the InfoCenter which opens a tool palette. Upon inquiry, the results are displayed, accompanied by the source of the solution. If the desired solution is not among the listed options, users may have the opportunity to engage directly with an agent through chat or submit a support request. However, the availability of these options is contingent upon the type of account held by the user.


My experience with Autodesk Assistant has been interesting so far. Mostly it searches across relevant sources and can recognize natural language rather than the typical search terms. It seems to be a good start and I look forward to watching this tool develop as it learns how people use it. AI has such a great potential to make tools like the Autodesk Assistant effective.

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