C3D: Code Set Styles (part 1) - Layout & Review

November 18, 2022 Leo Lavayen

In this post we review the configuration for Assembly code sets objects and label display for:

  • Plan View Layout
  • Section View Editor

For display purposes, in these scenarios I favor Markers and Links being labels and Shapes filled in with unique hatch patterns.  The items controlled here are:

LABELS (link and markers)
Varying Label heights can be assigned, as the drawing scale is usually larger than 1:1, as an example 1:40 shown below.  Text becomes cluttered in model space at default large scales, correct when plotted from layout tabs.
The solution shown here is to create a duplicate “PLOT” (0.6) and smaller “VIEW EDIT” (0.1) label styles shown below:

The smaller text heights can be assigned for Layout or Section Editor situations.  Shown below how to launch the Section Editor command from the contextual corridor ribbon: 

Once you activate Section Editor tools from the new contextual ribbon > select the View Edits Options > scroll down to Default Styles > select the desired Code Set Style.  Larger font shown below using the out of the box “All Codes”