Using CAD Standards Checker to remove styles you cannot purge


You have Styles in your drawing that you cannot purge and cannot locate where they are being used easily
Typically they are in a block definition or in a Civil 3D style, and locating them is proving difficult


We will use the CAD Standards Checker to remove and update all layers, Dimension styles, linetypes, Text Styles, and Multi-leader styles.

1. Make a copy of a known good file (pick one that has the correct linetypes, layers, dimension styles, text styles and multi-leader styles in it), and rename it from .dwg to .dws (change the file extension).

2. Open the drawing you want to fix

3. Navigate to the Manage Tab, and click Check under the CAD Standards Panel
4. You should get this alert, simply click OK:
5. Ensure you are in the Standard Tab, and click the green plus sign to add the file was created from Step 1:
6. Once you have the file loaded and it’s showing, click Check Standards:
7. Go through each member and see the Problem at the top, select the item you want to replace it with in the Replace With, then click Fix, or if you don’t want to make any changes, click Next (you don’t need to fix layers or styles that only exist in the drawing you are fixing):
8. When you have gone through the drawing and corrected the issues, go back to the manage tab, and select Configure:
9. Click on the file you are using as your Standards file, then click the red “X” to remove it, then click OK, then save the file:
10.  The styles will now have been updated to the ones selected, and you should no longer have the random styles in your drawing.

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