Vault Data Disaster Recovery

July 16, 2021 Bob Felton


When Autodesk Vault loses files from the filestore on the Vault Server host, how can they be replaced from the most recent full backup, without needing to restore the entire backup? The concern is to retain those new and edited files since the last full and/or incremental backup that are not included in the backup.


The increasing prevalence of file integrity breaches caused by malicious attacks such as ransomware, etc can trigger the Vault Disaster Plan. Typically a server can be replaced and the Vault restored from the most recent backup.

But how to identify and replace just the known missing files in the filestore from an available prior backup?


If a full Vault backup before the date of intrusion is available, there are a couple of diagnostic tools that can compare the attacked vault that may or may not be missing files with the original list of files in the backup.

For example, a folder compare utility, such as Beyond Compare or one of the other folder compare utilities that are reviewed here can be used to identify which folders are missing files, or missing the folder altogether in the filestore, like this:


'Beyond Compare' old vault compare filestore with new vault


The second tool to identify missing files is in the Vault ADMSConsoleLog after a backup in the rebuilt vault that may list files that are known in the Vault database, but are missing from the filestore, shown for example:



So, once the files that are listed as missing in the ADMSConsole log are known, then just locate the affected folders and copy the missing files from the last full backup into the corresponding folder in the Vault. In the example above, 198 files were found and replaced. Once replaced, they could then be searched and located to open from Vault.

Note: You can locate the Filestore folder for the current vault from the ADMS Console like this, for example:



SQL stores files that are checked into Vault into a series of subfolders with SQL-generated file names, but with the original file extension. The files are not compressed.





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