5 Ways IMAGINiT’s Live Online Training Mimics Classroom Training

March 31, 2021 Kelsey Miner

There is no doubt that in-person training activities can strengthen teams, but COVID-19 travel restrictions and safety precautions have put a temporary halt to them. This does not mean you should put your training plans on hold. In fact, training talent gives organizations a competitive edge.

Classroom-based instructor-led training can be both expensive and inefficient when compared to online alternatives. There are travel and meal costs, productivity losses while attendees are out of the field, venue expenses, and other associated costs. Virtual instructor-led training blends the benefits of classroom training with the speed, agility, and cost effectiveness of online learning.

Participating in virtual classes led by Autodesk-certified instructors who know how to present the material and use the latest technology can provide a virtual learning experience that is just as effective as a classroom experience.

IMAGINiT’s Live Online Training delivers the results you and your team require.

With IMAGINiT’s LIVE Online training, your employees will get a live instructor and an interactive classroom that mimics in-person learning with:

  1. Access to the most up-to-date software and technologies through our online labs
  2. Desktop sharing with instant instructor feedback
  3. Student-to-student interactions
  4. Hands-on exercises
  5. Testing with immediate feedback

Time is too valuable to risk sending your employees to a class that does not deliver results, even if that class is online. With IMAGINiT, your team will gain the skills they need while collaborating with an instructor and each other. As an added bonus, to help improve learning outcomes while practicing new skills on real projects, participants receive up to two hours of post-training support on topics covered in class.

Check out our full list of courses or contact us to learn more.

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