Autodesk Software - What You Need to Know to Work Remotely

April 3, 2020 Ryan Wunderlich

If you're working from home or a remote office Ryan Wunderlich, Jeremy Smith & Heath White share some useful tips to help streamline the process.

We cover the following:
1. Standalone licenses
2. Network licenses
3. Importance of having fully updated software
4. Common issues such as file access, slowness over VPN
5. LoadLibrary errors when using Remote Desktop Connection
6. General thoughts on cloud storage and alternatives

About the Author

Ryan Wunderlich

Sr. Technical Support Specialist<br><br>An AutoCAD Certified Professional, Ryan is responsible for taking client cases and assisting with issues with the software - everything from regular glitches to software deployments and whatever else goes wrong. He's proficient in AutoCAD (including customization), VBA, LISP, and Civil 3D.

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