Getting Employees up to speed in your design environment

January 26, 2022 Ryan Wunderlich

IMAGINiT expert Ryan Wunderlich discusses checklist basics, including creating effective training materials, and how to implement training. He also explores some of the conventional methods and practices used to secure management's buy-in and support. Additionally, we cover how to gauge the program's success and how to follow up after a training session.

Ryan covers the following topics: 

  • Building an effective program
  • How to create effective training materials
  • Conveyance of the standards and their importance in your company
  • Using mentors
  • Building a feedback loop into the program to help drive future training
  • Building timelines for follow-up

Intended as a starting point, this complimentary webcast will help you develop a program that will take the sting out of hiring new graduates, and take familiar users to the next step, while providing a smooth transition to the adoption of your standards.

About the Author

Ryan Wunderlich

Sr. Technical Support Specialist<br><br>An AutoCAD Certified Professional, Ryan is responsible for taking client cases and assisting with issues with the software - everything from regular glitches to software deployments and whatever else goes wrong. He's proficient in AutoCAD (including customization), VBA, LISP, and Civil 3D.

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