Vault - Cannot Move PDF Files Created By The IMAGINiT Vault Client Utilities

June 29, 2023 Heath White


When trying to move files to different locations in Vault, you receive an error similar to the following for certain PDF files.


The key to this error is the designation of “Design Visualization” mentioned in the details of the error message. This is due to PDF files that have been generated by the IMAGINiT Vault Client Utilities with the “Attach PDF as Visualization” setting enabled.

 The option to put PDFs in as "Design Visualization" rather than "Design Representation" goes back to a time when the IMAGINiT Vault Client was the only way to generate Vault PDF files and before the "Design Representation" designation existed. Since some clients have had the utilities as an integral part of their workflows for many years, IMAGINiT has maintained the option.



In terms of future PDFs, on the PDF Settings tab in the utilities, if you pick "Attach PDF as Visualization Attachment" - then it will still use the "Design Visualization" designation. However, if you un-check that option, you should not have that problem anymore. This option is de-selected by default, so it should only be in effect for users who have chosen to enable the setting. Historical PDF files that were generated when this option was the only one available may have this behavior.

To resolve the error for existing PDF files which can’t be moved due to the incorrect designation, you will need to delete them from Vault and regenerate them with the new settings in effect.

PDF files generated by the built in Vault tools would also have the designation of “Design Representation” instead for “Design Visualization.”

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