Uninstalling Part Maker 2022

March 20, 2023 Joanna Gryszka


Uninstalling FeatureCAM 2022 from Windows Control Panel doesn’t uninstall PartMaker 2022.
Both programs were installed with Autodesk FeatureCAM 2022.

Once FeatureCAM 2022 Ultimate is uninstalled, Part Maker 2022 remains.  The only option is to repair it in Control Panel:


1. Use the Autodesk Uninstall Tool to uninstall FeatureCAM and Part Maker instead of Control Panel:

Select Autodesk FeatureCAM Ultimate 2022 and PartMaker 2022 will uninstall along with it.

2. If FeatureCAM Ultimate 2022 was already uninstalled from Control Panel use the Uninstall Tool to uninstall Part Maker 2022:

3. Or Run the following script at the Windows command prompt to uninstall Part Maker 2022:

  • Msiexec.exe /X {4F94C2C0-CC97-4A1B-B165-4A252BC4D907}

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