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January 17, 2023 Sherry Pittman


If you only need to bring in portion of a schedule using the Excel Schedule Tool, you can do so by creating a Named Range in the Excel File.


If you have a situation like the example below


In Excel

  • Use the Merge and Center tool so the formatting comes across to Revit
  • Adjust your formatting for the text (alignment)
  • Make the cells a bit larger than needed, the cells tend to be more compact when imported.
    • If you adjust the spacing in Revit, then update the schedule, it will not hold onto the adjustments.
    • Adjusting it in Excel, it will update the cells accordingly and save you a lot of frustration in Revit since the cells don’t move like they do in Excel.

In Excel

Open the  file you want to pull the information from.  Create a Named Range.

  • Select the cells you want to include
  • From the Formulas menu, Defined Names panel, select Create from Selection
  • It will bring up a dialog with preselected toggles, I typically uncheck all.
  • To Specify the Name, Select Define Name, enter the name you want to use for the selection.  Notice that you can see the cells included in the selection.

Bringing the Schedule into Revit

  • From the IMAGINiT toolbar, select the dropdown arrow next to Excel, scroll down and select the Schedule from Excel tool
  • You can see in the example below I have a couple different named sets
  • Select the one you need, then Add, then Close the dialog
  • In Revit you will see the schedule under Schedules on the Project Browser
  • When you place it on a sheet you will notice the A is not visible.

Updating the Named Range

If you need to modify the selection or change the name you can do that in Excel from the Forumlas tab, Defined Names panel, Name Manager.

  • Select the name you want to change and Edit
    • ​​​​​​​
  • Modify what you need to (in the example below I changed the 18 to a 22).  Ok.
  • To Preview the change, select the name from the dropdown
  • Save the Excel file

To Update the Schedule In Revit

Launch the Excel Schedule tool, select the one you want to update and Update the schedule

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