Revit Display Issues

February 22, 2022 Heather Volk


Isometric views of Revit project do not have crisp clean lines or are not displaying properly.


  1. Incorrect view template settings.
  2. Having the Projection Mode set to Perspective instead of Orthographic.        

  1. Having Sketchy lines enabled from the Status Bar>Visual Style>Graphic Display Options settings.
  2. The Eye Elevation and Target Elevation being drastically different.


  1. Review the View Template settings and make adjustments to reflect the graphical representation that is desired.
  2. Try changing the projection mode to Orthographic.
  3. Disabling sketchy lines, unless that is the desired look you want then try adjusting the Jitter and Extension.
  4. Setting the Eye and Target closer to the same elevation.


More information:

How to create an Orthographic 3D View: Orthographic View

How to create a Perspective 3D View: Perspective View

Information on 3D Views: Revit 3D Views

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