Models in Navisworks 2022 Constantly Flicker

February 4, 2022 Shawn Heator


Large Navisworks models that are opened in Navisworks Manage 2022 appear to flicker and do not fully generate. The problem may worsen when rotating the model. The same models, opened in an older version of Navisworks Manage, do not flicker.


This problem may be directly related to having the Autodesk Factory Design Utilities 2022 installed on the same computer.


This issue is currently under review at Autodesk. If you do not need Factory Design Utilities 2022 then the best option is to uninstall the Factory Design Utilities 2022.

Open Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features. (Type appwiz.cpl into Windows Search).

Once in Control Panel, search for Factory Design Utilities 2022.

Right click to Uninstall the Factory Design Utilities 2022.

However, if you still need the Factory Design Utilities add-ins for your other Autodesk applications then there are a couple workarounds.

  1. Remove the Factory Utilities add-in for Navisworks Manage.

If you use the Factory Design Utilities but do not use them in Navisworks Manage, then it’s easy to remove the add-in from Navisworks Manage 2022.

Open File Explorer and navigate to the path below:


**C:\ProgramData is typically a hidden folder. You may need to change the View settings in Windows File Explorer. Check the box for Hidden Items.**

Look for the Factory Utilities add-in for Navisworks: FactNWApplication_R2022.bundle

The folder needs to be modified so it is not loaded into Navisworks Manage. Instead of deleting the folder, renaming the folder with a .old extension will cause the folder to become invalid.

This will prevent the add-in from loading and prevent the models from flickering.

  1. Export older Navisworks settings into Navisworks Manage 2022.

Some users have experienced success using the settings from a previous version of Navisworks. Unfortunately, this method has not been a consistent method to resolve the problem, but it is an option to try.

Open the previous version of Navisworks and go to Options.