Manually Reset Inventor

January 9, 2024 Joanna Gryszka


It is sometimes necessary to reset your Inventor profile to test Inventor launch issues or errors.

To manually reset Inventor, you can rename some folders and Windows registry folders. This allows you to have a backup that can be used to revert back to the original folders.

To use the automatic reset, see the Inventor Reset Utility link at the bottom of the page.


The following folders and registry keys will be renamed to reset Inventor. 

When Inventor is launched again these will be automatically recreated.  It will also be reset to default settings.

Before renaming it's a good idea to back up your settings, see the back up settings links at the bottom.

Windows Explorer

Rename these two 'Inventor version' folders. 

For example, if in Inventor 2024, add a suffix to these folders:

  • %appdata%\Autodesk\Inventor 2024-old
  • %localappdata%\Autodesk\Inventor 2024-old

Windows Registry

To open the Windows Registry, search ‘Registry Editor’ or ‘Regedit’ in the Windows Search bar.   Open the application: 

Or right-click on the Windows Start, select Run.  In the Run dialog box type in ‘regedit’.

In the Registry Editor rename these two folders.

For example, if in Inventor, add a '-old' or any suffix here:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\Inventor\Current Version-old
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\Inventor\RegistryVersion28.0-old

Inventor versions:

  • RegistryVersion28.0=Inventor 2024
  • RegistryVersion27.0=Inventor 2023
  • RegistryVersion26.0=Inventor 2022
  • RegistryVersion25.0=Inventor 2021

On launch Inventor will be reset to its default settings.

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