Is there a way to draw in AutoCAD and plot to PDF files on an iPad or Android Tablet?

January 3, 2023 Bob Felton


For those AutoCAD users who need to roam around in a factory or warehouse to make annotations and notes on a site floor plan based on actual conditions, is there an easy method to make those edits in AutoCAD on an Apple iPad or Android tablet?


Without prior experience editing AutoCAD drawings on a mobile device, how easy is it and what can be done with a mobile tablet?


There are several methods to create, edit and share drawings on an Apple iPad and also to generate PDFs in AutoCAD Mobile, for example.

In the App Store, search for Autodesk and then look for AutoCAD (mobile), like this:


Also, for Android tablets, search for Autodesk AutoCAD in Google Play, like this:

You can also locate the Autodesk AutoCAD Web️ or AutoCAD mobile app in the Autodesk user products login page at:


Note: You will need access to the Autodesk products and services that you will be using. You will also need a free Autodesk ID to log into the page. The  AutoCAD Mobile and AutoCAD Web apps are included with your AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT Subscription.

Once logged in to your Autodesk ID in the AutoCAD Mobile app on your iPad, then you can create a new drawing or locate and edit an existing drawing.


Open and edit existing drawing AEC Plan Elev Sample.dwg from iCloud Files, for example.