AutoCAD: Mouse Wheel Issue Zooming, Panning

September 30, 2022 Jeff Arbogast


AutoCAD:  Mouse Wheel Issue Zooming, Panning.


There are several issues that can be related to the Mouse Wheel

  • Mouse hardware is having issues
  • More than one Monitor
  • Graphics issue
  • Corrupted file
  • AutoCAD corruption
  • 3rd Party Software


The 1st thing with any issue would be to install all Autodesk Software updates.

Test another Mouse.

Change Monitors (if using more than one) You could also disconnect 1 Monitor and test on the other.

Check the Supported Video Card and Graphics Driver at the Autodesk tested and supported Video Card and Driver list.

Test another DWG that is known to be clean or use a sample file.

If you think there may be an issue with AutoCAD itself trying to reset to defaults (You will lose customization)

Remove any 3rd Party software associated with the Mouse.

Remove AutoCAD Add-ons and customization and test.

There have been in some cases known issues with older imported AutoCAD profiles. Try using the Default.

There are known cases where the Mouse can become Slow and Jumpy.

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