Annotation Set up for Fabrication

May 28, 2021 Heather Volk


** Note: You should always be working of a template that is set up**

  1. Path the project .dwt

In this .dwt the dimstyle needs to be set and needs to match what is specified in the Fabrication Database (Case Sensitive). The textsize needs to be set to the appropriate dimension.

**If a drawing was not set with these same settings, please set the dimstyle and textsize**

  1. Set the dimstyles in the database: (these need to match the drawings set up)

Set the dimstyle for all annotations on page below:


  1. Drop in an Item and test the renumber command.

Check boxes that are necessary for company standards and make sure the “Prompt for Text Positions” and “Display Text” are checked. Then type in “A” for add and hit enter, then select the item and hit enter 2 times. If set up properly, it should look like the image below:

  1. Test out the “Level” and “Size” text to make sure it’s coming in properly.

  1. If all text is coming in properly then the annotation is set and ready.

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