Revit Missing Add-in Error

When opening or linking a cloud model you get the following error:

1.    Third party add-in is interfering with the Revit Cloud worksharing add-in. 
2.    The Revit Cloud worksharing add-in is corrupted.

Is Revit current on updates? If not, install all updates. Then test Revit to see if the error goes away.

Disable add-ins. See this blog for more information. Then test to see if the error goes away. 

Reinstall the Cloud worksharing add-in component. 

For Revit 2021 and newer: 
Clean uninstall / Reinstall of Revit following these instructions.

**Alternate method if you want to avoid reinstalling Revit or the reinstall doesn’t resolve the issue try this:
1.    Download the here.
2.    Copy the appropriate uninstall command from below:
Version    Uninstall Command
2023.1.1    msiexec /x {AA384BE4-2312-0010-0000-97E7D7D02300}
2022.1.3    msiexec /x {AA384BE4-2230-0010-0000-97E7D7D022A2}
2021.1.7    msiexec /x {AA384BE4-2101-0070-0000-97E7D7D021A3}
2020.2.9    msiexec /x {AA384BE4-2001-0010-0000-97E7D7D00B29}

3.    Click the Windows Start button and select Search: 

4.    Type Command, then right click on the Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator.”
5.    Right click in the command window to paste the uninstall command from above:
Example 2023:

6.    Press enter to run the command then click Yes or Ok to uninstall the program.
7.    Extract the downloaded
8.    Open the folder for the appropriate Revit version. 
9.    Run the RCAO.msi to reinstall the cloud add-in. 

For Revit 2020 and older: 
Install the latest updates for Revit. If prompted, click Uninstall and when it is finished run the installer a second time to reinstall the update. 


Run a clean uninstall/ reinstall of product following the steps above. 

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