Making Each Instance a Separate Line in Inventor BOMs

Recently I had a client request a workflow that I had never been asked about before and of course coming across novel workflows is refreshing when you’ve been doing this job as long as I have, so I was determined to work it out for them if possible.

The question was, ”How do we make each instance of a component (part or subassembly) show up as a separate line item in the BOM? So that, for example, component “A” which had three occurrences would not show up as component “A” x Qty.3, instead it would show up as component “A” x Qty.1 on three separate lines.

Each occurrence would have to be made unique for that to happen by default. Below is an example of the process using instance properties:

A unique property/value would need to be applied to each instance in order to break them out into individual line items. The properties used here are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent specific properties that you must use. Feel free to use properties the make sense in your workflows.

I hope this workflow will be useful to someone who has a need for that unique behavior or at the very least will have provided an interesting diversion.

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