How to change which Inventor Content Center libraries are installed


The default installation media for Autodesk Inventor will install almost all the Inventor Content Center libraires. Unfortunately, Autodesk has excluded the default installation of the GOST library.


The information below provides instructions to modify which Inventor Content Center libraries are installed. The example will walk through how to install the GOST library. The instructional information could also be used to remove unnecessary libraries from your computer.

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to your Inventor installation media. Browse to the DCLibrary folder. Find DCLibary64.msi and run the file (Right Click>Run as administrator or double-click the file).

  1. The Desktop Content Setup Wizard will launch. Select Next.

  1. Select “Change” to modify the current Desktop Content Center Libraries configuration.

  1. By default, the GOST library will display an X to denote it is not installed.

  1. Select the drop-down arrow, next to the GOST text, and select the option “Will be installed on local hard drive”. After your selections are complete, select Next to proceed.

**Selecting “Entire Feature will be installed on local hard drive” will install all Content Center Libraries.**


  1. Select Change to proceed with the modifications that have been selected.

  1. The changes will begin to process.

  1. Once the changes are complete, select Finish to exit the Desktop Content Setup Wizard.

The above process allows you to install or remove libraries for the Inventor Content Center.

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