Installing from Autodesk Desktop App: The Digital Signature needed for this install cannot be verified


When installing from the Autodesk Desktop App you receive an error. “The Digital Signature needed for this install cannot be verified”.


This is due to an incomplete download.



Option 1

Download and install the latest Autodesk Desktop App and try again.

Autodesk Desktop App Clean Uninstall/ Reinstall

Autodesk Desktop App Install


Option 2

Installing using one of the other installation methods such as Download Now, Browser Download.

Go to

  • Login
  • Go to “Products and Services”
  • Find the software you wish the download
  • Select “View Downloads”
  • Select the version you want.
  • Select either Download Now or Browser Download.


If “Install now” is the current option. Select below the Install Now icon and select “View All”.

Select the Download type you want (Download Now or Browser Download)

Proceed with the download and install.

How to use

Browser Download

Download Now


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