Enabling SSO for a global domain locks out users in other regions

Autodesk SSO integration is enabled for your global domain and is working without issue in your primary geographic region. However, users in other geographic regions are locked out as if SSO is not enabled for them even though they use the same domain in their email addresses.

The domain is used around the world, however in each regional location that uses Autodesk, they may have their own subscription tenant with their own assigned licenses for that particular region.  It is unclear why this scenario causes the failure at this time.

Currently the workaround is to add users from the other region to the U.S. tenant (or whichever your primary region is), and then this satisfies the SSO requirement.  You would only be adding the users as part of the team for the primary account and would NOT be assigning the actual licensing from this account.  Instead, the licensing and assignments for these users would still be assigned from their regional subscriptions on their own teams.  In each instance where this has occurred, this has been the solution that has resolved the issue for clients.

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