Autodesk To Expand Previous Version Access To 5 Previous Versions

Beginning November 2nd, 2020, Autodesk will allow access to the current release of the software and up to 5 previous versions.  Prior to this change the limit was the current release and 3 previous versions.  For example, with this change, the current release is 2021 and previous access will now go back as far as 2016.

It is important to note that this access is meant to allow for the transition to a currently supported version of Autodesk software and should not be used as a method to avoid upgrades.  This is key since access to the additional previous versions does not mean that the additional previous versions are supported by Autodesk.

To be clear, Autodesk only supports the current software version and 3 previous versions (i.e. 2021-2018).  This is not changing and should be taken into consideration when downloading and utilizing older versions of software.  If a version is accessible, but not supported there will be no access to updates, security fixes, hotfixes, or technical support to address issues you may encounter when using previous unsupported versions.

The other key takeaway is that while currently supported previous versions will still be accessible through your Autodesk Account (, the additional 2 previous software versions will only be available via the Autodesk Virtual Assistant (AVA - 

Autodesk will be releasing the official statement on October 26th via the Admin Community (

Edit - Links are now live:

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