Autodesk MSI product codes for Intune Detection rule


When setting up Intune for the installation of Autodesk products you need to add a Detection rule for the Autodesk MSI. An MSI product code is needed to complete the Detection rule.


Below are the Autodesk MSI product codes (This list is a work in progress).

2022 Products

AutoCAD 2022           {28B89EEF-5101-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Architecture 2022    {28B89EEF-5104-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Civil 3D 2022               {28B89EEF-5100-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Electrical 2022            {28B89EEF-5107-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Map 3D 2022                {28B89EEF-5102-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Mechanical 2022        {28B89EEF-5105-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

MEP 2022                        {28B89EEF-5106-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Plant 3D 2022               {28B89EEF-5117-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Raster Design 2022   {28B89EEF-5131-0409-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Revit 2022                       {7346B4A0-2200-0510-0000-705C0D862004}

3DS Max 2022              {ABE7F1D7-4F0D-4C1F-BF98-49F10E69D1F1}

Advance Steel 2022  {28B89EEF-5126-0000-0102-CF3F3A09B77D}

Navisworks Manage {7C49D1F4-ED9E-0000-96A0-5C9CCC5C122B}

Inventor Pro 2022     {7F4DD591-2664-0001-0000-7107D70F3DB4}

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