Autodesk Desktop App Crash on launch or Login with a CER (Crash Error Report)


Each time you reboot and log into your PC or you attempt to run the Autodesk Desktop App, it crashes and opens a Crash Error Report to send to Autodesk.


There are a few probable causes as to this behavior and some solutions are listed below


Below are some of the possible remedies to the issue

  1. You may need to do a clean uninstall/reinstall of the Autodesk Desktop App
  2. You may need to update the Autodesk Single Sign on Component:
  3. This is the other scenario, but it’s usually a Laptop specific problem.
    If you have a USB Thunderbolt Docking “brick”, disconnect the dock and reboot your machine and see if the behavior goes away.  Some USB Docks may actually create a separate Video Driver:

    The name may be different, but if this is there, that’s part of the issue.  Even if you do not see a separate adapter, still try removing the dock form the laptop and rebooting to see if the CER appears again.
    It has to do with the switching/passthrough of the Intel Graphics drivers to the dock.
    You can also try this (not recommended) as any Autodesk Software that requires OpenGL (ReCap, Infraworks, etc.) will cease to open and function properly (this can be useful in testing to see if the dock is the issue, just remember to remove the two variables when finished)

You will need to create a new Windows System Variable (you must have Admin rights to do this):

  1. Open the Start Search, type in “env”, and choose “Edit the system environment variables”
  2. Click Environment Variables button on the screen that comes up
  3. At the bottom of the System Variables section, click on New
  4. Add these two lines (one at a time, so you will go through the NEW two times):


QT_ANGLE_PLATFORM=d3d9 OR d3d11 (Use one or the other value, but not both)

Then apply your changes, reboot and see if the CER occurs and then see if the Desktop App will open.

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