Shhh.... Silent Please!

Up until today, users of our SUDAS gravity parts library, VDOT gravity parts library, and/or Enhanced Pressure Parts library have had to manually install and activate them.  This isn't so bad if you only have a few machines to install them on, but for organizations with many machines, this can become a time-consuming problem.

I am happy to announce that the installers for all three of these content libraries have been updated to support silent, scripted installations.  This means that these content libraries can be remotely deployed, tagged on to an installation of Civil 3D, or installed via batch script.  To get the updated installers, simply click on the link in the welcome email you received at the time of purchase.  Also included in the directory is a document that outlines the necessary syntax for scripting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.  Thank you to everyone who suggested this feature and please keep the suggestions coming.

Happy (silent) installing!


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Joe Hedrick, LS, EIT

Infrastructure Solutions Team Manager<br><br>As a manager for IMAGINiT’s Infrastructure Solutions team, Joe manages the civil and survey application engineers across most of the US, all of Canada, and provides Autodesk civil engineering and survey implementation consulting services. <br><br> With years of experience in land surveying and civil engineering, Joe has hands-on skills with field data collection, site design and layout, residential subdivision design, secondary roadway design, and land planning.

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