Removing Inventor FEA and other 3rd Party files

Shawn Heator


If you have used Inventor Nastran or are working with files that were not native to Inventor, then you may have additional files that are linked in your part or assembly. There may be situations that call for removing these files, such as file bloat for your model, but it is not possible to delete from the Inventor Model browser or Vault browser.


Inventor Nastran automatically creates 3rd Party links after running a simulation. It is possible working with other files could show in the 3rd Party section.


These files can be removed by going to the Tools tab, Options panel, and selecting the Links command.


Highlight the linked file that you want removed and then select Break Link.

Sometimes the files will still show in the Document Links and Embeddings dialog box after selecting Break Link. Select Done when finished breaking links to complete the command. Once you select Done then the files will no longer show in the 3rd Party section or Link dialog box.


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