Migration to Autodesk: 2023 - UPDATE

Almost three years ago I made a post about the IMAGINiT Migration to Autodesk service, where in addition to describing what the service is, I also briefly touched on the state of the industry and the fact that a wide range of organizations were making the move from a Bentley-based design platform to an Autodesk platform. 

Now that we have almost three years of data to look back upon, it seems like a good time to provide an update.

What has changed?
Despite my best efforts at the time in 2020, I had apparently underestimated the considerable demand for this type of service.  When we first began offering the Migration to Autodesk (M2A) service as it is structured today, it represented a relatively small portion of the client business we were engaged in.  As of September 2022, M2A represents most of the consulting services the IMAGINiT Infrastructure team provides and has resulted in our busiest services year ever.

To date, IMAGINiT has assisted clients both within the infrastructure world and beyond, into industries such as facilities, manufacturing, non-traditional infrastructure, and more.  In many cases, in addition to creating a new Autodesk-based environment, standards, providing education, workflow consulting, legacy data translation, we are also delving into a growing amount of related Data Management services and Software Development too.

Lessons Learned

While IMAGINiT has for years been assisting clients making the move to Autodesk from other platforms, the recent surge in the volume and unique client needs, has challenged our team and has helped to propel our efforts to greater efficiencies and expanded abilities and offerings.

IMAGINiT has understandably benefited from the resulting refinement of processes, improved abilities to accurately estimate/scope the effort required to meet the unique and widening needs of each client. 

Or, more simply put, we’re getting faster and better as we go, and our clients are the beneficiaries of our learned best practices and efficiencies.

It’s a WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Great!  Now What?

At this point, if you're still reading this, you might be thinking, 

“This is really nice for IMAGINIT and the clients they’ve helped, but why do I care?”

That’s a Great question!

My response is, what makes sense for your organization?  Are your current and future needs being met?

A growing number of organizations are making this move to Autodesk, and by all accounts, for sound business reasons.  

There’s the matter of the platform’s value to facilitate your organization’s ability to be successful.  This includes the design/BIM software, the tools, connected solutions, cloud services, availability of consulting services from qualified and experienced partners (such as IMAGINiT) which are all parts of the value the Autodesk ecosystem provides today.
There’s also the very real and undeniable matter of the cost of operations.  Does your current technology provider make it easy for you to operate, to easily budget for your technology operational expenses?  Is your current technology provider advancing and growing to meet the evolving needs of the industry?  Do they provide a wide range of solutions, consulting and support offerings that are meeting your needs today and in the future?

Based on what we have experienced in the last 3 years, it's safe to say there’s a case to be made that making the move, makes business sense for a range of reasons.

When you’re ready, we will be here to help. 

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Professional Services Director, Civil <br> Kevin began working in the civil engineering and survey industry in 1985 and has continually built on this foundation to become an expert in civil design and infrastructure data management software. He has been involved in every aspect of the industry from field surveying to transportation systems, as well as managing a CAD design group within a civil engineering firm. <br> Kevin's passion for technology combined with his unique insights to the business processes of engineering firms makes him an accomplished leader for the infrastructure solutions team.

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