AutoCAD Layer Tools in Civil 3D (Merge and Delete)

Getting rid of stubborn layers is a breeze using these commands found on the ribbon Home tab > expand Layers panel:

  • Layer Merge (LAYMRG)
  • Layer Delete (LAYDEL)

These Layer commands have been a part of AutoCAD for a few years now, originally only available as express tools.  They can be used inside of Civil 3D but with consequences…

BEWARE!!!  Layers that are merged or deleted will be stripped WITHOUT replacing them from Civil 3D Style, below is an example of using the command on a surface Style.

Layer Delete (LAYDEL):


Layer Merge (LAYMRG):

The result is the same, a black slot in the “Layer” area within the Style Component Display: 


I would recommend staying away from these two commands in a Civil 3D environment and put in the work to remove or replace layers.

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