How to get Revit Lineweights into AutoCAD

How to get Revit Lineweights into AutoCAD, so your AutoCAD drawing plot the same as the Revit Model.

When you Export a Revit model to DWG, you may notice that in addition to the DWG files (for each sheet), you also get .pcp files.  These pcp files are, in fact, your Revit lineweights for plotting.  You may get a few or many, it all depends on what you are exporting to AutoCAD DWG format, and what types of sheets they are.

Below goes through the process, and we will be using the Revit Sample Architecture Project as out Revit model.

First we export the Revit model:

Then we walk through the Wizard

Now we go to the location we saved these DWGs to, and we see all the DWG's generated and the relative PCP files:

So the lineweights for the Plans and Floor plans all use the plans.pcp file and the detail sheets all use the det.pcp.  Now we simply need to convert the pcp into something AutoCAD can use.

We open one of the DWG's in AutoCAD and go to the plot dialog, and there we go to the Plot Style Table and click to select New...

This will launch the Add a Plot Style Wizard and on the first screen , select the Use PCP or PC2, and click Next

In this box, we now browse to the DWGs and PCP files and select the appropriate PCP that related to your open DWG, and then click Next.

Now we give it a name.  Since I opened a Plan, I will call mine Revit-Sample-Plan, then click Next

On the last screen, you can simply click finish here.

This will now finish creating the ctb file for the Revit DWG and set all the lineweights correctly, however it will still print in color (as the colors are not honored), so once back in the plot dialog, click the plotter icon next to the plot style:

From here, simply click through the colors on the left (red) and change to black on the right (purple)

Once done, click Save & Close and run a plot preview to make sure you have all the wanted colors changed.

That's all you have to do to get your Revit lineweights into AutoCAD ctb file.


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