Getting a Different Perspective in Revit

IMAGINiT Technologies

By Brian Tuffin

When trying to see what you're doing, it's sometimes a good idea to get a different perspective. Here are a few ways to do just that.

  1. Using Section Box (BX Shortcut), select the object or objects you want to view, then the Section Box button from the View Panel. 
    Here is the outcome from using this tool when you select the curved wall. 
    To remove the Section Box you just turn it off in the Properties.

  2. Another option is to set your 3D view in the View Cube to orient it to a Plan, Elevation or Section View. 
    ViewCube   OrientViewCube

  3. Here we get the ability to change what the 3D view is looking at. When you select a Floor Plan View, it will Orient the 3D view to the plan's View Range. 


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