From Revit to Fabrication

How to pull systems out of Revit and into Fabrication MEP

1. Starting in Revit, isolate a specific service by hovering over it and hitting "Tab" until it’s all highlighted. Click on it to select all.

2. Go to the "Add-Ins" tab and click on "Store Design Line Elements" then click the "Out" button with the arrow.

From Revit to Fabrication 1

3. It will ask where to save the ".RIF" file and what to name it.

From Revit to Fabrication 3

4. Open Fabrication and type in "Processrun" then select the ".RIF" file you saved.

5. A window named "Mappings" will open. This is where you will select the Revit service and assign it to one of the Fabrication services on the "Services" tab. Right click on the line items one by one and "Edit" them to assign the correct service.

From Revit to Fabrication 5

Note: The tab "Fitting Ignores" should be set to "NO." Hit "OK" once all settings are ok. 

6. The .RIF will load in the drawing. If you do not see it, do a Zoom extents and you will see everything that was brought in.

7. Double click on the design line to "activate" and work on it. From here, you can fix anything that didn't process correctly or switch out fittings if needed.

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