Comments and Markups Using Shared Views

In this Blog I wanted to Use the  Shared Views created in an earlier blog and focus on the using them for comments and markups. This is a great and free way to collaborate on a limited timeframe. The view is saved for 30 days, it can be extended another 30 days if needed. The comments and markups can be exported to pdf to be saved.

Comments and Markups

To create comments and markups you must login using your Autodesk Account

Note: There is no cost to create an account.


You can also create markups that are saved with the comments thread.

The comments and markups are tied to the view and can be checked resolved when completed.

Below is the view from the Viewer that the stakeholder or reviewer would see. You also have access under the Collaborate tab and shared views in Civil 3D. It is nice that the stakeholder or reviewer does not need to have AutoCAD to view and comment on files.

After refreshing, I now have access to the comments and markups within Civil 3D. Once the markups are completed, I can reply form within Civil 3D to add additional comments or change the status to “Resolved”.

I hope this Blog was useful in showing you how you can share drawing information with reviewers and stakeholders who are outside your network or do not have AutoCAD.

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Richard Morrow

Civil Solutions Application Expert<br><br>Richard is responsible for Training and Services around Infrastructure. He has extensive experience in numerous Autodesk products, including Vault, Civil 3D, InfraWorks and BIM360. He joined IMAGINiT when it acquired Advanced Solutions. His past work experience includes working at Autodesk as a Technical Account Manager.

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