Command Line Will Not Stay Docked

Ryan A Wunderlich

You dock the command line at the bottom of your AutoCAD session and after a reboot it reverts back to the new style (it's no longer docked)

This problem is usually an issue with custom profiles (.arg files), When you re-open AutoCAD after a reboot, it's reverting back to the out of the box setup for the command line

The way to resolve it is to re-dock it, Open Options, go to Profiles Tab and see what is the current profile being used, then close AutoCAD (or verticals).
Open Windows explorer and navigate to here:
%appdata%\Autodesk\<your product version and year (i.e. AutoCAD 2020, C3D 2018, etc)>\R##.#\enu\Support\Profiles\<Profile Name from Options box>

Open the in Notepad and confirm that the BOLDED info is there (the location and sizes may be different than below, but it all needs to be there), and is so close the file, if not add the bolded info at that line then save and close

<CommandLineControl Workspace="<your workspace name>"><CLI Dock="DockedInESW" Location="566,996" Size="977.435097493036,0" HistorySize="1142.4,300" DockedSize="1555,77" InactiveOpacity="0.7" RolloverOpacity="1" WidthProportion="0.64149704530531848"/>

Once Closed, Right mouse click on the and make it read-only

Reboot and confirm that the command line stays docked correctly

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